LAST CALL FOR SURVEY: Conservation approaches for the conservation of iron gall inks

LAST CALL FOR SURVEY: Conservation approaches for the conservation of iron gall inks
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The National Library of Scotland is conducting research on the present approaches in the preservation and treatment of iron gall inks as part of an Alexander Graham Traineeship Program funded ICON's internship on the conservation of Fragile formats. Iron gall ink items, due to their inherently frailty and conservation challenges, fall under this category.

This survey has been created to gather common approaches and current best practices regarding the conservation of iron gall inks. It is aimed at conservators. The data here compiled will ultimately be collected in a final report of recommendations based on both the literature and the actual outlook of the iron gall inks treatment across organizations and in private practice. Said report will include a database to record and monitor the items and a decision-making matrix for the treatment of iron gall inks aimed to facilitate and systematize their approach within the organization. The answers will be stored indefinitely for use in further research and potential future publications.

Please note that all answers will be anonymised, and the collection and use of personal data will be treated in accordance with GDPR. However, the authors hold no responsibility for any data collected by the host platform. For this reason, before submitting your response, please read the service provider’s privacy policy.

If you are open to a more in-depth discussion or are interested in knowing about this survey's results, please feel free to contact on It will be much appreciated.