C2C Care Course: Planning Your RE-ORG Project

Do you find that your storage rooms are sort of a nightmare – not accessible, perhaps overcrowded, hard to clean, not enough space and nowhere to expand? Is your storage a risk to your collections and limiting how you use them for public programming and community engagement? This course will introduce you to and guide you through the RE-ORG Method, a step-by-step approach to storage organization that will help you to reorganize your current storage rooms, focusing on the creative, yet safe, use of existing resources. This method was originally devised by ICCROM and UNESCO for smaller institutions and has been used all over the world in 144 institutions and over 30 countries. Take this opportunity to participate in this program with its developers and with the developers of STASHc (Storage Techniques for Art Science & History Collections) – learn to create an action plan and carry it out under their guidance and with input from other members of the course. See how the RE-ORG Method is applied in practice to the Custom House of the New London Maritime Society, in Connecticut, United States (AIC Angels Project 2019).

Course Coordinator: Simon Lambert, Senior Advisor, Collection Preservation, Canadian Conservation Institute
Co-coordinator: Rachael Perkins Arenstein, A.M. Art Conservation, LLC
Co-coordinator: Lisa Goldberg, Goldberg Preservation Services, LLC

Those who participate in all six Course Webinars, discussions, and projects will be eligible for a CREDLY badge. These webinars are not available a la carte.

Fee: The basic cost for this Course is $149.00.
Those who register by February 20, 2019 will receive a $50 discount (use code C2CC50)
Those who register by March 6, 2019 will receive a $20 discount (use code C2CC20)

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